Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Children (2009)

Well the cat is back and she is very alive.

I apologize for the lack of any sort of posting here but as with my other blog I just really hadn't had anything to post about and I have been doing my own writing thing for a bit now so that kinda eats up my time. The cat cant stay away from the world of horror for too long though. I start to go into with drawl and that can get nasty.

On to business. I have a long list of horror movies, books, comics/manga that I never quite get around to checking out in a timely fashion. Sometimes something new pops up and distracts me others I just keep putting it off until I completely forget about it. The Children (2008) is one of those that kept getting pushed back. One of the reasons was I kept seeing mixed reviews about it and the plot has most certainly been done before. Lets be honest you can only do so many takes on the village of evil children thing before its played out. Then I remembered what sort of people generally give their two cents about horror movies on the internet and finally bit the bullet and watched the film. Loved it from start to finish.

Now this movie doesn't really add anything. Children are creepy in general the horror world knows this and this movie doesn't add any extra kick to that concept. What it does add is isolation, one of my favorite horror devices, a small cast, and some of the most impressive child actors I have had the pleasure of watching play methodical killers. If I was to have a complaint it would be the adult acting but that's a minor one as their performances are far from sub par its just with the emotional flip flops asked of the younger stars their acting just get over looked.

The movie has enough gore to unsettle you but nothing over the top and a good placing that keeps the tension building until the children actually do snap. I recommend this for anybody not looking for the generic Hollywood drivel that keeps getting tossed out to the gore hungry masses that only want truck loads of blood and guts.


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