Thursday, August 4, 2011

What To Do? What To Do?

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I've been out of the b logging game for a while now and honestly I haven't really missed doing it. That said, I do find I want to talk about things from time to time. It's not as if I want to talk about one thing in particular all the time though. As much as I liked looking into other people's work (and will continue to do so) I figure I should also talk about my own struggle to get back to making art myself. So I will.

I've been a web comic artist since about 2004 or so, and I had a really bad bout of depression a few years ago that killed any sort of creativity I used to have. I miss working on my dream, and it is with great pleasure I am starting to get back into doing comics again.

Is it easy? No. It's hard as hell to get back into drawing when you haven't been able to so much as sketch for almost four years. When I was at my prime I could hand draw a page, ink it, scan, clean, and text a page in just a few hours. I can't do that anymore at the moment and it's driving me up a wall. So for the time being when I feel like it I will be posting about the journey back to get my demons out of my system and get some focus going. Other than that we will see what sort of randomness I feel like rambling about.

- Nekko

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